Friday, January 11, 2013

Post Holiday Blues

So... after the holidays came and went in a flash, I was left with a seriously crappy feeling... like the post holiday blues or something.

I actually just googled,  "Post Holiday Blues"
And it's a real thing!!! I had no idea! I thought it was just me!

Anyway, I felt such a sense of letdown after it was all over, I could hardly see straight. 

For weeks, I busted my butt cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating... and for it to all be over in a flash and everything put away and done.... Holy.  What a disappointment!

Anyway, I just read this article about ways to combat the Post Holiday Blues... here are a few of the suggestions

1. Rescue an animal.    Seriously? I have four kids, a cat and a frog... I don't need an animal, rescued or not.  I'm trying to cure my blues... not put myself into a nut house.

2. Declutter. Well, I do this on a daily basis. Please see my post about hoarding.

3. Volunteer.  Maybe in a few years when my kids are older. Right now, I need my own volunteer to help me keep the chaos at my house to a minimum.

4. Give.  Didn't I just spend the past month giving? I gave until it hurt. I can't give no' mo'

Anyway... the list goes on... you get the idea.

I did NOT do any of the above.
What did I do?

I shopped.

I went online and bought Christmas stuff.
A lot of what I ordered came today. 
And now that I'm past the post holiday depression... my purchases seem a little, well...ridiculous.

I bought Christmas decorations for the house.... a Santa Claus, a cute little Christmas tree.... a snow man, a snowman nesting family(what?!?) Christmas crafts for my girls for NEXT year....

But that's not all. I didn't just shop online.

I bought a fake 6 1/2 foot Christmas tree at Walmart on Clearance.

I bought a pair of pajamas and Christmas socks.
I bought Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas gift tags, ornaments, two blow up things for our yard(Seriously???)

I also purchased my girls' Christmas dresses from Crazy 8 for next year.

And just the other night I almost spent over $100 for matching pajamas for our whole family for next year!!!

What. Is. Wrong. With. ME?!?!?!?

My husband had to talk me down from the pajama purchase.

Now, I can blame these purchases on the Post Holiday Blues and be done with it...or I can admit to my weaknesses.
1. I love online shopping
2. I love clearance

Online shopping...what is better than ordering something from the comfort of your own couch and having it delivered to your front door? Nothing beats that feeling of getting a package in the mail! And the coupons online? I mean, they might as well pay ME to buy the stuff!  20% off my entire purchase plus free shipping? Yes, please!

Clearance... Seriously... 25 cent rolls of wrapping paper? That's unheard of. It's absurd!
So yes, I bought like 10 rolls. Of course I did.  It's not like it's not going to get used.

And that 6 1/2 foot tree? It was originally 40 bucks! I got it for $10!

I actually buy a lot of my kids clothes on clearance for the next year....
I know that's ridiculous, but I do it.
Why spend $15 for a shirt when I can get it on clearance at the end of the season for $2 for NEXT year.

So combine my love of online shopping, love of clearance and Post Holiday Blues and you've got the perfect storm.
December 26th, someone should just confiscate my credit cards... but really?
It's not like I'm spending all that much - IT'S CLEARANCE!!!!

My husband thinks I have lost my mind... and I may very well have.

But at least I'm over the blues.

And now we have enough Christmas wrapping paper to wrap gifts for the whole neighborhood next year.... and a 6 1/2 foot fake Christmas tree! 

The blow up things for the yard?
The kids are psyched, but hubby has his limits.... those may have to get blown up in the backyard.

Peace, Love, and RIGHT NOW

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