Monday, January 7, 2013

Four kids, a stranger and a flu shot....

So.... I waited until the last minute to get my flu shot.
Dummy. I know.

Everyone has been freaking me out about the flu and the baby getting sick.  The girls all had their shots back in October, but me? Nah... not me. Who has time for stuff like that???

Soooo...I went out with the baby this afternoon while the girls were at school...took a break from work to go get my flu shot at Walgreens.

I hit up the closest Walgreens, hauled my big guy in his carrier out of the van and walked in(if you are a mom with a large baby, you know what a hassle this is) It's like a workout.

Got into Walgreens... "Sorry Ma'am, no flu shots left"
Not sure what I was more annoyed at... Hauling the kid out of the car to be told there weren't anymore flu shots left, or that the guy behind the counter called me "ma'am".

Went home to get the girls off the bus...

Piled them into the car... headed out to another Walgreens.
This time I was smart enough to call in advance to see if they had any flu shots left.
I'm in shock that I have to call ahead for a flu shot.  A run on flu shots? I don't get it.

So according to the woman on the phone, they had a few flu shots left.  Great. So now I'm stressed...what could be worse than getting all four kids into the car, driving to Walgreens, getting them out of the car only to find out they had no more flu shots????

So in the car I go with my four kids and high tail it to the next closest Walgreens for my flu shot.

This is about as fun as taking the three girls to get THEIR flu shots. Only that was probably slightly less fun.
Got to Walgreens... there's a line.

Waited in line... with three little girls(who are annoyed that I've inconvenienced their after school schedule) and one crying large baby in his carrier.  Oh and me...sweating.

so apparently, I was getting the last flu shot they had. ... but there was a twenty minute wait. Awesome.
A twenty minute wait with all the other last minute idiots waiting for their flu shots or the already sick idiots waiting for their medicines. Even MORE awesome.

So here's me... now STRUGGLING swinging a large crying baby in his carrier, trying to fill out a form from the pharmacy while also reminding my girls, "Move out of the way...people are trying to get through" because it's freaking crowded.  So fun. 

Clearly, I'm a little distressed, plainly frazzled and not at all up for chit-chat. 

Enter...weird stranger

Stranger: "I have to ask you... is that your boy?" Trying to get too close to my baby. And grinning like a fool.
Me: "Yup"(giving her a "please don't talk to me face")
Stranger: "You're just like me.... Except I had five boys and then a girl(insert stupid laugh here)"
Me: (Silence) and a pained half smile.
Stranger: Walks away but I could tell she wanted to talk more.

Really, lady? What about my situation right now says I'm up for talking? Do I look cheerful and capable of small talk right now?  And really? Because you had five boys and then a girl does NOT make us twins or anything.   I'm sweating. And standing in line at Walgreens filling out some lame form with four kids of them now screaming.  

At the end of it all... I DID end up getting the last flu shot... while holding a crying baby and with three girls watching just waiting for me to scream in pain(which I did not.... TAKE THAT, GIRLS!)
Got back into the car and the oldest informs me, "That was not fun AT ALL"
I could've sworn I was having a blast


Peace, Love and RIGHT NOW

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