Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Dinner Table

So it really only took until our twins were 4 years old for all five of us to be able to sit at the dinner table and actually eat dinner together.

Prior to that, I'd feed the kids separately/early and my husband and I would eat dinner(sitting down!) after everyone was in bed.   Dinner was chaotic enough feeding the three girls without the two of us trying to eat at the same time!

Not gonna lie...eating dinner together, alone... just me and the hubby... at the table or in front of the TV was pretty amazing. It was the best part of my day! No kids... just us and silence or even Wheel of Fortune if we wanted :)

Now we've gotten to the point where we all sit together(all six of us) and have dinner at the same time and resemble a somewhat normal family(yeah, right)!

Dinner table time at our house is anything but ordinary.

It's hilarious.
It's loud.
It's informative.
It's chaotic.
It's not relaxing OR peaceful.

It's kind of like a variety show.

We hear knock-knock jokes that make no sense.... We see the latest tricks and dance moves that were learned on the school playground. We learn about the kids that were misbehaving in class and on the bus.  We are sung songs and sometimes even sung songs in Spanish!

It's kind of like a box of chocolates at dinner time, you never know what you'll get.

Not everyone is well behaved at the table.... on the contrary. Dinner time is when most of our "time outs" happen. 

Almost every night someone gets sent away(or dragged away sometimes) from the table for one reason or another. 

And although my husband and I stress manners at the table.... sitting nicely, using a napkin instead of a shirt, chewing with your mouth closed, no talking with your mouth full... we still get the every night offenders.

We have even had to make a "no tooting at the table" rule.  Kind of thought that went without saying, but alas....Fart DOES= funny and most ESPECIALLY at the dinner table.

Try disciplining a child that's tooted at the table while trying to keep a straight face and hold in your laughter. Near impossible.

Every night we try to go around the table sharing our favorite and least favorite parts of our day.
There is always an argument over who will share their favorite part first....and then another argument over which direction around the table the sharing will go. 
Favorite parts of the day are often,
"When I scored a goal in gym" or "When I sat next to my best friend at lunch" 

Of course, the LEAST favorite part is always lost on the twins.... who seem to think that least favorite is comparable to SECOND favorite.
So they always say something like, "My least favorite part of my day ....was seeing Mommy when we got off the bus"
To which my oldest always rolls her eyes and tries to explain that LEAST favorite means something you didn't like... which in most cases, leads to an argument... and then someone crying.

Throughout it all, my husband and I will look at each other across the dinner table... and say something like, "How did this happen? Do these people belong to us?  When did high kicks at the dinner table and rounds of the 12 days of Christmas become the norm??" 

And sometimes we'll go so far as to reminisce about the days of going out to dinner just the two of us... with a bottle of wine(or 2) and going home to a quiet and NEAT condo and sleeping in on Saturday.... ahhhhhh

But you know what? I wouldn't trade our "norm" for anything in the world. 

MY favorite part of the day is always sitting at the dinner table with my family... the chaos, the toots and the songs and laughter..... all of it.

Peace, Love & RIGHT NOW

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