Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things I've learned 15 days into summer vacation


The last day of school was on June 26th.
That's 15 days that I've been with all four of my kids nearly around the clock.

And although I seem to have lost a bit of my sanity... I have definitely learned a few things in a very short period of time. 

Lucky for you, I get to share what I now know.

1. No matter the time of day or even if they've just eaten a 12 course meal, my kids are always hungry.  Like brought to tears, "Hunnnngrrrrrrry"

2. Cleaning up the kitchen and keeping it clean for more than 10 minutes is a pipe dream

3. There is "NOTHING" to do at my house. EVER.

4. I never have enough scotch tape

5. I should've bought stock in scotch tape

6. Laundry is a joke especially when my kids put on clothes, then bathing suits, then a new set of clothes, then a new bathing suit and at the end of the day throw it all in a wet pile on the floor of the laundry room.
Don't EVEN get me started on towels.

7. No matter how well you rinse off limbs, empty out shoes, brush off clothes, shake out hair...
sand still gets EVERYWHERE

8. There is one tattle tale in every group and tattle tales are REALLY annoying.

9. My oldest daughter thinks she is the boss of everyone.... including me.

10. Having a baby that naps and three other children stuck at home while the baby naps could possibly warrant a trip to an insane asylum OR an emergency room.  Either one.

11. My husband's, "very little TV this summer" rule is laughable.  The person who does not stay home all day should not be allowed to have a say-so in any rules. Period.

12. Getting ready for the beach definitely takes longer than getting ready to play in the snow. 
At this point in the game, snow is a clear winner.  At least in the snow my kids are 100% covered and NOT by sunscreen ....ANNNNNNND I'm not afraid of them drowning or getting eaten by a shark

13. Inside voices are like unicorns... they don't exist.

14. Grilling is old... and has been since June ...of 2007

15.  Bees cause PTSD. 
Day one of summer(Literally off the bus from the last day of school) there was a bee sting incident.  "We" now see bees EVERYWHERE and feel the need to sprint from the house to the car in order to avoid being stung.

16. "But it's not even dark out!" is not a good enough reason to stay up later. 
Note for next summer: Black out shades.  For the entire house.

17.  The one who says, "I didn't do ANYTHING" has always done SOMETHING.

18. I need to actually learn how to take a door off the hinges. 

19.  Just because it's summer vacation, doesn't mean that real life ceases to exist.
Laundry still has to be done, groceries bought, dinners cooked, bathrooms cleaned...all with children in tow.
It's like taking the physical challenge on Double Dare. Honestly, I'd rather stick my arm up that giant nostril to pull out the boogery red flag  than go to the grocery store with my four kids.

Being the fun, "yes" mom I thought I'd be this summer is proving to be a lot more difficult than I initially thought.

Just today I contemplated drinking at lunch time and I just heard myself saying,

"For every time I have to come downstairs because you three are fighting, you'll all go to bed 15 minutes earlier"
At the rate we're going ... they'll be in bed in the next five minutes.  (Which might not be a bad thing)

Gotta run(and possibly hide).... I just heard, "I'M TELLING MOMMY!!"

Oh....There's no need to tell mommy...she already heard the entire thing... those inside "unicorn" voices are a dream.  :)

Peace, Love & RIGHT NOW