Friday, June 6, 2014

Officially Done...

So this happens to me every year at this time.

School? I'm done.

Activities? I'm throwing in the towel.

I'm officially done with the schedule, the routine, the waking up and rushing the kids out the door for the bus, and rushing them off the bus and grabbing snacks and rushing out the door to this, that, or the other activity.

I'm ready to hang up my chauffeur hat and give my over scheduled brain a break.

I'm done with policing the homework and the reading and the math facts.
I'm really done with trying to figure out math homework. I went through both the third grade and the first grade years ago and homework wasn't this hard. I promise, it really wasn't.

I'm done with school concerts and picnics and teas and exhibits and recitals and field days and field trips that all seem to be scheduled for the same week.

Can't they schedule some of this end of the year crap in February when we're just sitting around doing... "nothing"?
Instead it's all crammed into like five days. 
A school picnic? Eat lunch with your kid?
Sure, but I was just at the school yesterday and will be there tomorrow... Plus, I eat breakfast and dinner with my kids every day, so now lunch too?
Add that to the schedule. No problem-o.

I can no longer be held responsible for remembering sun screen, a towel, a hat, a share, chocolate syrup for the ice cream social, bug spray, a soccer game, wearing a red shirt or a gray shirt, sneakers only, a library book that was never returned(I swear that librarian is lying.  THAT BOOK IS NOT HERE) etc. etc. etc.

My brain is too full.
It's "end of the year" full.
It's filled with knowledge I want to get rid of and dates that are floating around...
just floating... with nothing attached to them.

June 13th... June 18th.... floating... floating...

Someone will say, "Can you do this on such and such a date?" And I panic because I know the date sounds familiar, but there's nothing on my calendar. WHAT AM I MISSING??? SOMETHING!

Sure, we are free that day. But are we REALLY? Or did I not write something down and we have some place to be with something to do with an item we're responsible for???

Clearly, I've reached my breaking point.

I am longing for schedule free days where my kids don't have to rush out the door or be anywhere... where they can watch an hour (probably two hours if I'm being honest... ok... maybe three) of TV without my yelling, "I'M NOT GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN!! PUT YOUR SHOES ON!!! THE BUS IS COMING!!!"

And we can leisurely eat breakfast and not pack lunches...
Oh, I didn't mention the lunches.


It's not so much the lunches... its the containers.

When I went to school we were sent with a brown bag with our name on it... a sandwich in a plastic bag... a bag of chips and maybe a fruit roll up. You got twenty cents to buy milk. All of the 'containers' were THROWN AWAY afterwards. I did not come home with containers and lunch boxes to be washed or emptied.

Washing containers sucks my will to live.

YES, I send my kids with lunch in a lunch box. Sandwiches in a sandwich box. Water in a reusable water bottle. Snacks in a small tupperware container.
YES, I'm helping save the planet by reusing all of these containers.
YES, this for the greater good for future generations.
YES, I'm slowly losing my mind.


(Of course there's a but and not just a small but... a semi big one)

On one hand, I'm SO done with school, but on the other hand...
I just watched a school year whiz by. LITERALLY.

It went by so fast, I almost didn't see it. It was a blur.
All of it. It was JUST September.

I was JUST sending my three tanned(Yes, I used sunscreen and they STILL got tan) beauties off to first and third grades...and now... it's over!

I was just making a tooth fairy, angel and fairy costume for Halloween.

What happened to Thanksgiving? And Christmas? And Easter? I have no idea!
And what happened to everything in between?

Where is that time?
It's gone! GONE!  And there is no getting it back!!! What the heck????

So while I'm loving the fact that school is over and the schedule is done....

I DO wish I could freeze time for a little while and have things stay the way they are right now.
I'd whisper into my kid's ears, "Stay small my little people.... stay small."
Come home and share with me the fifty states in alphabetical order song...and sing it over and over and over again until I too know the fifty states in order.

Turn cartwheels in the living room until you kick your brother in the head and knock him over and then you get sent to your room.

Carry your bunny blanket around and suck your thumb while you sit on the couch and watch TV.

Show me your loose tooth that isn't really that loose and wiggle it and wiggle it until it comes out the next day at school and the nurse gives you one of those tooth necklaces to wear proudly around your neck.

Stay small. And innocent. And precious. And perfect. In every single way.
Stay just like least for a little while longer.

We spend so much time wishing for the next... ready to move out of one stage and into the next that we forget to enjoy the stage we're in.

These moments are fleeting. All of them.
Every day contains thousands of moments to be cherished.
Every. single. Day.
The schedules, the activities, the teas, the games, the sunscreen, the bug spray and even the containers... all of them moments.
Breathe those moments in. Slow down and cherish. All of it.

Because before we know it, those moments will be gone and we'll be on to the next.

IN the meantime...

What the hell am I going to do with my kids for an entire summer???

Pray for us.

Peace, Love, and RIGHT NOW